The Arch Café

An arch consists of two weaknesses which, leaning one against the other, make a strength.

The Arch Cafe is a diverse environment located in the Heart of Toronto. At The Arch, we are honored to provide fresh and delicious food and dessert with a Middle Eastern touch.
Our cafe offers an intimate, welcoming, and cozy atmosphere for everybody to sit back and relax and play some cards, backgammon, chess or read some books regardless of the stressful situation of the outside world.

Enjoy the comforting and diverse atmosphere of THE ARCH

Our Culinary

Experience Middle Eastern tastes and aromas with a modern touch.

We offer vegan and vegetarian dishes to fulfill everyone’s cravings. At THE ARCH you and your loved ones can enjoy meals together while bringing the goldness of Saffron on to your plates.

Don’t forget to try our homemade cakes, sweets, and pastries.

The Arch Café Delivery Service

Easy access and don’t lose time waiting.

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